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Vaccinations for Adults Questions and Answer

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Vaccinations for Adults Near Me in Palm Bay, FL
Vaccinations for Adults Near Me in Palm Bay, FL

What vaccinations do adults need to get?

It’s not just children that need to be vaccinated against potentially life-threatening transmissible viruses. It is very important for adults as well. Not only are adults more at risk for different diseases, but the immunity we developed from the vaccines we received as children can wear off over time. The Centers for Diseases Control (CDC) has developed a schedule of recommended vaccinations, from birth to adulthood, that citizens and residents should receive throughout their life. Statistics show that approximately one out of three people in the United States will develop shingles at least once in their lifetime, and the risk increases as you grow older. In addition, more than 60 percent of all seasonal flu hospitalizations in the United States are in those 65 years of age or older. As we age our immune system naturally weakens, which puts us at risk for contracting certain diseases, which stresses the importance of vaccinations as well as doing what we can to keep our immune system as strong as possible as we get older. The seasonal flu vaccine is highly recommended, and an important vaccine to get each year, especially for those with chronic health conditions, who are pregnant and older adults. As well, all adults are recommended to get a Tdap vaccine once, if it was not received as an adolescent, which protects against pertussis (whooping cough). Adults 65 and older with certain health conditions are strongly advised to get a pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPSV 23) to protect against pneumococcal disease, meningitis and bloodstream disorders. The pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV 13) is recommended for all adults with a weakened immune system condition, cerebrospinal leak, or a cochlear implant. Everyone in the United States is urged to get the COVID-19 vaccination, and to discuss any concerns you may have with your doctor.

What are the benefits of vaccinations?

In terms of preventative care, vaccines are one of the safest, and most convenient measures available. It is highly recommended that all adults receive immunizations, regardless of international travel, in order to prevent them from contracting and spreading dangerous diseases. The benefits of vaccinations are many, with the first being that it may save your life, or the life of a loved one in your household, as most viruses are highly contagious. The second benefit would be in preventing you, or someone else from becoming very ill, which could result in a lengthy, or even lifelong disability. Vaccinations have allowed developing countries to eradicate many deadly diseases from the general population, with very rare instances of reoccurrence. The point of a vaccine is for your body to build an immunity to a particular virus, and doing so prevents serious illness. Preventing serious illness allows you to continue your regular lifestyle, work, and spending time with family and friends. As an adult, you may be at greater risk of getting a vaccine-preventable disease, which can be quite costly to treat, especially if the ramifications are severe. And the costs of contracting a vaccine-preventable disease include far more than just medical costs, because it usually means time off work.   

How often should adults get their vaccines?

Always discuss with your doctor what vaccines you’ve had, and they will guide to what vaccine would be best for you, and to be sure you are up to date on those recommended for your age group. As mentioned above, all adults are recommended to get a Tdap vaccine once, if it was not received as an adolescent, which protects against pertussis (whooping cough). Every ten years thereafter, getting a Td (tetanus and diphtheria) or Tdap booster shot is recommended. Women are advised to get the Tdap vaccine each time they become pregnant (at 27 through 36 weeks).

Where can I get Vaccination for Adults?

At Restore Health Urgent Care, our highly qualified and skilled team of board certified physicians, ER trained nurses and our friendly staff, take great pride in providing our community with the highest quality essential healthcare services, which include vaccinations for all ages. To set up an appointment, call us or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 1840 Eldron Blvd SE. Suite 1 Palm Bay, FL 32909. We serve patients from Palm Bay FL, Malabar FL, Melbourne FL, and June Park FL.